Control Handle

  • Ergonomic design-extra large push buttons for raise, lower and born functions are easily?accessible even with gloved hand.
  • Large safety reversing button propels truck away from operator if contact with operator made while unit is in reverse mode.
  • Dual forward/reverse grip controls for thumb operation.
  • Automatic "dead-man" type braking with power cut-off switch when brake is applied.

Mast and Chassis

  • High visibility is specially designed on mast with laterally mounted lifting cylinder.
  • Safety screening protects operator during lifting and lowering.
  • The mast fabrication is of cold drawn steel giving great rigidity.
  • High quality ball bearing rollers.
  • Battery can be easily changed.

Electric system and Controller

  • Key switch.
  • Emergency power disconnect button.
  • Battery indicator meter.
  • Advanced Curtis PMC drive controller gives smooth, step-less acceleration and infinitely variable speed control. providing superior command of the truck. The anti-rollback system delivers maximum power when required for uphill or down-hill gradients.
  • Programmable electronics allow customer setting.

Drive unit

  • Durable long lift gearbox with adequate ventilation.
  • Powerful separately excited motor with high overload capacity.
  • High precision gear makes low noise gear box.




  • Electromagnetic disc brake connected to drive shaft.
  • The CURTIS PMC has adjustable neutral braking, plugging, and regenerating braking.

Hvdraulic unit

  • Heavy duty motor, gear pump, relief valve.
  • Overload pressure relief valve protects system from pressure overload and bypasses oil.
  • to reservoir when system reaches maximum pressure.




Model       ES-12-12E ES-14-14E ES-16-16E
Characteristics   Capacity kg 1200 1400 1600
M Load center mm 600
  Drive type   Battery powered
  Operator type   Hand,pedestrain
Specifications A Maximum lifting height mm 3000/3300/3600/4000
B lower height of fork mm 85
W Standard fork width mm 540
  Standard fork length mm 1150
  Fork width mm 185
C Maximum turning radius mm 1602
  Maximum aisle width mm 2650
  Minimum ground cleareance mm 30
Performance   Maximum travel speed Laden km/h
  Maximum lifting speed Laden m/s
  Maximum lowering speed Laden m/s
  Gradeability Laden %
5(within 5 min)
7(within 30 min)
Weight   Service weight without battery pack(3M standard) kg
  Service weight with battery pack(3M standard) mm 1130
Chassis D Overall length (3M standard) mm 2004
F Overall width mm 950
L Overall rear height mm 1420
R Rear body length mm 854
J Rear body width mm 950
K Rear body height mm 750
N Handle width mm 430
G Mast extended height (3m/3.3m/3.6m/4m) mm 3500/3800/4100/4500
H Mast lowered height (3m/3.3m/3.6m/4m)   2135/2135/2335/2535
Wheel   Tyre type front /rear   poly/poly
  Wheel mm 1xDriven wheel,2x Universal wheel,4x Front wheel
  Dimensoin of driven wheel mm Ø248*75 
  Dimensoin of load wheel mm Ø84*70
  Dimensoin of universal wheel mm Ø90*48
I Wheel base   1337
Brake       Electromagnetism
Motor   Travelling   24V ,0.93kw
  Lifting   24V ,3kw
Battery   Voltage   24V
  Capacity   280Ah
Control   System control   CURTIS 1243
  Drive and speed control   MOS
  Hydraulic motor control   Solenold



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