Flow Rack

HFR Flow Rack is a light duty and FIFO (First in And First out) rack. You can put storage case and carton on it. It is widely used in warehouse, factory and deliver center. This rack is handy and easy to move.

  • The whole frame is strong and portable, easy to move
  • Use roll steel, high precision, very easy to assemble and
    disassemble frame.
  • It be applicable to store and pick small and light heavy good.
  • Surface treatment is epoxy powder spay.

Remark: Gradient column type means the front column is Gradient. "W " means distance between centers of front columns.

Delth [DJ 1500 1800 2100
Depth between columne 1200 1500 1800
Rack Width (W) 1200. 1500. 1800.2100
Rack Height [H] 1500.1800.2100
Loading Capacily (kg) Q: Max3DD I Z: Max500
Flow rall


Steel 60kg

  • Use 'FIFO' mode.
  • Assemble expediently and move easily.
  • Picking easily, be used with electron label display, computer assist to work.
  • Simple structure, compact, without energy consumption, without noise.
  • Work efficiency increase 50%,



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