1.Apron Conveyors/Feeders.
A series of apron pans when attached to a chain or pivotally attached to each other, for the conveying medium for an Apron Conveyor. Wiperdrive has a complete selection, all types.

2.Shuttle Conveyor.
Any conveyor such as belt, chain, Apron etc. in a self contained structure and movable in a defined path parallel to the flow of material. Wiperdrive is the Industry’s expert in this type of conveyor too.

3.Reciprocating Feeder.
A reciprocally driven plate or pan operating under a head of bilk material. Wiperdrive has a complete selection of all types.


4.Rptary Table Feeder.
A rotating horizontal circular table to which material flows from a round bin or hopper opening and is discharged by a plow.


5.Drag Conveyor Feeder
A feeder having one or more endless chains which drag bulk materials in a trough.Wiperdrive has the experience to assist in the most efficient type drag feeder for you.

6.Gravity Discharge Conveyor or Elevator.
Uses gravity discharge buckets attached between two endless chains which operate in troughs and casings in horizontal, inclined or vertical paths over suitable drive, corner and take up terminals. Wiperdrive can bring material handling problems when they call for gravity Discharge Conveyors.


7.Flight Feeder-cum conveyor.
Consists of one or more endless propelling media, such as chain, to which flights are attached in a trough and material I spushed by the flighs.


8.Belt Conveyors.
An endless flexible belt, operating over drive, tail end & bend terminals Andover belt idlers or slider belt. For efficient handling of bulk materials. Whether it’s a single belt conveyor or a system, wiperdrive will engineer specifically to your requirements.

9.Vibraing Feder cum vibrator.
A trough or tube flexibly supported and vibrating at relatively high frequency and small amplitude to feed bulk material to other objects. Wiperdrive has pioneered more advancements in this type of feeder, has more performance advantaged for you.


10.Bucket Elevators.
A bucket elevator using continuous or centrifugal elevator buckets. Wiperdrive manufactures all types for all applications. Wiperdrive utility bucket elevators, centrifugal discharge bucket elevator, contrifugal discharge bucket elevators, continuous bucket elevators, super capacity elevators.

11. Can & Crate Conveyors.
Sturdy type designed to withstand the most exacting duty & continuous usage.


12.Vibraing Screen
For separating various graders of crystals, mostly used in Chemical & Pharmaceutical Plants.

13.Belt Feeders.
Most useful for uniform & steady flow of materials into crushing, washing of batching plants.

14.Belt Table Conveyor.
Most suitable for assembly production, sorting, inspection & packaging.


15.Roller conveyors.
These are available in straight & curves of 30” 45” 60” & 90”.

16.State Conveyor cum Stacker
An unlimited scope of use in loading and unloading of bags, crates, cartons & cases.


17.Steel Flat Top Chains.
Available in 1 ½ pitch with 3 to 7 ½ width top plates for conveying packages, bottles, cans.

18.Hollow Pin Chains.
These eliminate costly installation time especially when wire mesh belts are used between two parallel strands of chain.


19.Conveyor Attachments.
Special attachments for all purposes available.


20.Belt Conveyor Idlers.
These can be suppied according to the material to be conveyed.



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