The Grey Iron Foundry is well equipped to manufacture casting weighing upto 30 tonnes single piece. Special allay cast iron casting in heart-resistant, acid resistant, Hi-chrome, I-resist material are also being cast in our foundry. The products range of our grey iron foundry is: Grey iron casting upto strength 260 N/mm2 upto weight range of 30 tonne as cast weight. Grey iron casting with strength beyond 250 N/mm2 upto weight ranges of 3 to 8 tonne. To match the above production capacity the foundry is equipped with the following melting units: 01. Cupola: 2 nos.with a monthly capacity 2000 tonnes 02 Induction Furnace:3 Tonne capacity with a monthly melting capacity of more than 500 tonne. This foundry is also equipped with a green sand moulding line with an ARPA 130 Jolt squeeze machine with a fixed box a fixed box size of 1000 mm x 1000 mm Height 200-400 mm. S.G. Iron casting: S.G. Iron Casting upto range of 6 tonnes are produced in grade 400/12, 450/10,500/7/600/3. Other special grades like Hi-Si-Mo S.G. iron and NI-Mo S.G. Iron Casting are also produced in this foundry.





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