The Wiperdrive Group traces it’s inspection to pre-independence era it’s founder Hiralal Shah, was a man of immense ambition, foresight and purpose. In a period of vast uncertainnity and struggle, he had the courage to dream big and a bumming desire to leave a trial of success stories behind him.

Impressed with his extraordinary qualities, Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar, the distinguished reformer who laid down the construction of India, helped him purse further studies in the U.S. Hiralal Shah successfully finished his masters in Science from Columbia University of U.S. in 1917.

Six years later, in 1923 Hiralal L. Shah returned to India, bought 150 agencies and introduced international giants such as BMW, Dupont, Sinclar Refineries and Dunlop to a nation that was still struggling to find its own identity thus started Wiperdrive Group.

In later years, his two sons Bharat H Shah and Jinesh H Shah, joined Hiralal in his mission. Together the two brothers, expanded the groups mantal by starting a series of enterprises manufacturing whole range of Power Transmission Products.

Brifex Industries in 1958 for manufacturing machine tools accessories such as P.I.V.Gearbox, precious machine tools in 1965 for manufacturing a broader, more speciliased spectrum spares such as whole range of couplings pulleys, sprockets, reduction gearbox etc. wiperdrive engineering in 1970 for manufacturing and selling Power Transmission Products i.e. Industrial and Conveyor Chains for different industrial application and finally Shrikesh Engineering in 1971, for manufacturing material handling systems.

Today Group has offices and representatives around the world and paralleled technical expertise have entrenched the group in the industries top league. Over the past 80 years, we have forged more then 4000 strong customer relationship (including government organization like parts, airports, oil refineries, earthmoving defense, textile, glass industries, etc.) Globally and has attained a powerful international presence by virtue of exports to U.S. Europe, Asia, Australia and New Zealand. It has also developed powerful association with agencies of the world leading manufacturers.



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