Wiperdrive Engineering offer for the first time in the country metal belts(positive drive)

conveyor form 50 mm to 1220 mm wide (single piece).The standard pitches are 38.1 mm & 76.2mm.The thickness of the plate is form 2mm to 4 mm.

These conveyors can be synchronised with self driven right angle for 90° bend is driven by a BI-planner conveyor chain also developed for first time in the country in metal.The bend conveyor doesnot require any independent drive because of the B_-planner chain.The speed of the bend conveyor can be controlled i.e according to the assambly line with respect to the mother conveyor.This working has been working successfully non-stop for the last two years with an oil-filling unit.

The construction of this unit is in two segments:

1)UNI-PLANNER CONVENTIONAL slat band chain that can be fitted up to 1220 mm width.

2)The second segment is made from BI-PLANNER special chain which can move both X & Y axis.

The drive system can be attached with PIV variable system as well as Compact shaft mounted speed reducers.

Designed primarily for both conveying,this chain can negtiate corners in the horizontal plane ,thus obviating turntables.

Salts & Studs are stainless material and the connecting cable links are zinc plated resist corrosion.Slats may be detached or inserted instantly without tools.The clearance between slat & link permits articulation in the vertical as well as horizontal driving wheel,teeth,to engage the cable links.The idler wheels have grooved rims to clear the cable links and are fitted with self-lubricated bushes.

The top and bottom runs of chain must be supported on guides .Chain working load should normally excees 200lb.




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