Cargo Handling Equipments
Transfer Vechiles(Tv's)and Shuttles Elevating Transfer Vehicles( ETV'S)
  • Units up to 14,000 kg capacity
  • 10ft,15ft and 20ft vehicles
  • Automatic control systems
  • Full range of safety features
  • Multi level units up to 14,000 kg capacity
  • 10ft,15ft and 20 ft lifting platforms
  • Automatic control system
  • Modern designs based on proven technology

Powered Roller Conveyor Systems Scissors Lift Equipment
  • Right Angle Transfer Decks
  • Queuing Conveyors
  • Dolley Docks
  • Wide and Narrow Edge Profile
  • Automatic Control
  • Truckdocks
  • Moving Truckdocks
  • Dolly Docks
  • ULD Lifts
  • Lowering Workstations

Mobile Truck Dock ULD Transporter
  • Can be relocated using a simple towing device
  • All MTD elements are designed for outdoor use
  • Battery operation as option
  • Easy handling of ULD's
  • Battery driven Transporter
  • Prevent damage to ULD
  • Flexible and full conrol of the ULD's operation


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