Wiperdrive are a pnne Group of engineering industries, functioning more than two decades, catering the needs of almost major industries with their PRODUCT RANGE : FREEWHEEL (ONE WAY) CLUTCHES, KEYLESS TRANSMISSION ELEMENTS. TENSIONER NUTS, SPEED VARIATORS, CAM FOLLOWERS (TRACK ROLL) ETC:

Keyless Transmission Elements : Shrink fil connection of special variety. Versatile, high fatigue strength, even under alternating torsional stresses. Shaft/hub has no keyway, minimising notch effect. Most suitable for snaft hub connection. Easy mounting and removal, wear free, perfect alignment, easily adjustable, economical.. Shaft mounted gearing, gear wheels, chain sprockets, lever, cams, break drum and countless other applications.Elements are available in models N7012. N7012.1, N7013.0. N7013.1, N7014. N7015. N7016, N8006, N250, N500 and Shrink Disc N4051, N4071, N 4091 & split type NS4051. NS4071, NS4001.

Holdback - Centrifugal lift off sprag clutches : ( RS/BI.CLS.FXM) are used as overrunning clutches, where the shaft overruns at high speeds. These units are having Individually spring loaded cenlrifugally lift off sprags, housed in a cage by means of pins connected with rotating inner ring having driving contact with outer ring. When the lift off speed is reached the sprags automatically disengage completely from the contact surface of the outer ring and rotate contact free hence sprags are wear free & having long life

Tensioner Nuts: can be used instead of standard hexagonal nuts on stud OK boll lor general mechanical connections- heavy OK medium duly. Bolt tension - clamping load - by tightening multi clamping screws with standard tool -torque wrench only.

Variable Speed Units _: are compact in construction much useful and advantageous where infinitely variable speed drive is required. Speed variation by hand wheel / by other mechanism in place of hand wheel. Gives out put ratio 6:f, Input power 0.25 to 2.2 K.W., Out put speed 1.5 to 1700 RPM.

Cam Fo llower s / Stud Typ e Track Rollers /Track Rollers: are with standard as well as eccentric stud, cage guided ready to fit. These are equiv. to KR/ CR/CF & are used tor heavy loads and medium speeds.

All Wiperdrive PRODUCTS have versatile functions and are extensively and economically used in all most all industries and have gripped the manufacturing industries as a whole.

normolry used m Gear Coxes. Conveyors- Cement Plant & industries. When the litl ott speed is reached the sprags automatically dlsengoge completer/ Irom the contact surlace ot the outer ring and rotate contact IreeHence sprags are wear tree & having long lite.



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